Pati will guide you into a slow immersion of sound waves, where you become the center of sound. May you find comfort and surrender to the mysterious waters of deeper consciousness. This ‘dream-like’ state often brings color, insights and clarity, leading us more deeply within to our true self. Grateful to share her passion of mind/body/spirit wellness, Pati is available to work with you or your group through Sound Therapy, Meditation, Qigong and Bodywork, with over 25 years experience in the healing arts.

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Click on the link to listen to an interview with Steve Potter at St. Louis Public Radio and Pati Pellerito on Sound Healing:

Healing Gongs from Pati Pellerito on Vimeo.

Witness art and healing intersect through sound healing therapy.

“The sounds of Mark Holland and Pati Pellerito’s Native American flute and Himalayan singing bowls will almost immediately lower your blood pressure,” writes St. Louis Public Radio’s (KWMU) Kelly Moffitt.

A multitude of venues will be seen while listening to the enrapturing sounds of their music and insight from Pati. View a fascinating visual display at the Fuller Dome, a gong and bowlside interview with Pati, and engagements ranging from intimate individual sessions to pools, retirement facilities, and large stage group encounters at such venues as The Sheldon, the Art & Soul Cafe and music festivals. Experience a unique sound journey.

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