Pati Pellerito LMT, CSH
Licensed Massage /Bodywork Therapist since 1994
Certified in Sound Healing 2008

Her experience in sound meditation extends back to 1999 through mantra

In 2000, she began her studies with Dr. Thomas Duckworth
In Kototama Medicine, Japanese natural life therapy based on sound principles, meridian therapy and Te A Te (handwork of the Spirit).

In 2008 she studied sound work with Suren Shrestha, Nepalese master of Traditional Himalayan method of using Tibetan Singing Bowls.

It was at The International Sound Healing Conference where Pati had the privilege of studying with scientists, shamans, musicians and healers from around the globe, including Don Campbell, Tom Kenyon, David Hykes, Jill Purce, Christine Stevens, Fabien Maman, father of vibrational medicine and founder of Tama Do, Academy of Sound Healing.

In 2011 Pati expanded her practice of sound work with the use of Paiste Planet Gongs, allowing the gongs to train her, a practice in deep listening. Then completed Gong Master Training sessions with Don Conreaux in 2014-15.

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In 2014, Pati began her studies with Cameron West in Aquatic Integration/Watsu, a warm water
bodywork therapy modality.  Her blending of “Sound and Water therapy” is truly unique and transportive!

Maintaining a private practice since 1994, she continues her
studies with advanced education in the healing arts.
Through an integrative system, Pati offers individual and group sessions,
combining a hands-on approach including, Bodywork, Sound, Vibrational
and Energy Medicine for a profound healing experience.
Over the past 20 years her practice of yoga and qigong have influenced her
work with groups by combining breath, meditation, sounding, movement
and instruments.

Pati is dedicated in helping others play an active role in maintaining a
healthy, harmonious mind-body-spirit.


Artist Statement

Sound carries intelligence!

During the “live” deep listening sessions I offer, we enter into a full body sensory experience through sonic entrainment.

As a sound artist and therapist, I’m passionate about the intersection of art and healing. In my practice, whether working with an individual, group or  recording, my style is improvisational, meditative, immersive, mind-altering and therapeutic. The multitudinous waves of vibration from Himalayan Singing Bowls, Paiste Planet Gongs and other percussive instruments create a rich tonal soundscape.

Together, we embark on a journey through breath, conscious awareness, tone, vibration and space. The resonant structure of sound patterns provide an opportunity for the logical mind to recede, thus allowing the brain to shift into deeper states. Intriguing journeys take place. Dream like stories and musically inspired visions emerge while under the influence of sound. I continue to be inspired by the countless stories of profound experiences that others share during our sessions together.

Throughout my professional life I have created my own path by exploring my passions, often unaware of the thread that links each stepping stone until I reflect back and see the perfect unfolding that has taken place. Each course of study has opened me for the next, as many layers–from deep immersions in nature to clinical studies and research–have created the rich environment in which I now draw upon in my healing arts. Whether I’m engaged in sound therapy, qigong, aquatic integration or expressive arts, though the energy changes shape and form, it moves through in a sensitive and profound way.