Excerpt: Gongs and Singing Bowls

Excerpt: Rooted In Stars

Excerpt: Dreaming In Sound

Excerpt: Dream Within A Dream

This CD is a culmination of the sound journeys that have evolved from the soulful, musical interactions, of live group settings which Pati and Mark have created. The flutes have a grounding effect upon us, beautifully handcrafted from various woods, bringing an earthy feel, while singing bowls and gongs, handmade and tuned to cosmic frequencies, allow us to travel beyond this early realm.


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Steve Sheppard, One World Music  UK

Time for us dear reader to go on a journey deep within and we can do this with the aid of a brand new album called Dreamwalker, by Pati Pellerito and Mark Holland.

This is a deep and very intense work and the opening portal to this quite breath-taking release is a fine example of just how far inward we must go. The flute here from Holland is amazingly emotive and powerful, while sound therapist and musician Pellerito with gongs and a veritable array of musical and healing instrumentation, create a whole new realm for us to bathe in, on the beginning of our inner satori, in the track Mysterious Strands of Midnight.

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At just under 14 minutes long the opening piece leads us in delightfully to the long form opus of mystical grandeur called Rooted in Stars. At the first time of listening, I just had to sit with my eyes closed and allow the music and the imagery created to wash over me, at exactly 17 minutes long here is a piece that will really manifest a whole new realm of ambience for you to walk through in dreamtime. The combination of these two heartfelt artists are so well matched and a very sensitive hand is used in the arrangements of these pieces, to bring you the best meditative and healing experience possible, listening to this makes me want to go and have an immediate gong bath.

The first two tracks are completely outstanding in their depth of arrangement for the purpose of their creativity, and as sound healing compositions, they do certainly have an incredibly empowering energy about them. As we move to track three and a piece called Becoming the Blue Mist, we find ourselves listening to a simply beautiful flute from Holland, that reminds me of the best of my friend Nigel Shaw from Dartmoor, England, this harmonious and haunting melody will flow through your mind and into your light body, there is a lightness here now, that essence of freedom, as we become at one with it all.

As you may have guessed or perhaps know, I have both been involved with healing techniques and meditation myself for years and will be including this album into my special inner moments of peace. Pellerito’s sublime skill as a sound healer can be really be heard in this piece called Dreaming In Sound, the resonances of her chimes, gongs and added instrumentation are not just played, there nurtured and grown, they’re encouraged and carefully and skilfully created, to bring us the ultimate healing tool, I haven’t heard such a crafted album like this, since the early years of Deuter.

At just under 9 minutes’ dear constant reader and listener, you are treated to a delicate arrangement called New Moon Lullaby; Holland plays such a respectful flute here. The new moon is a time for future manifestation and both artists within this piece create a musical and healing vehicle to be able to do so.

Voices from Beyond, a connection, a meeting of souls, here we are plunged from the opening of this piece into a new realm entirely, it is as if we can hear voices floating through the mist of time and inner space, this is one very dark, deep and empowering arrangement. The sheer energy of this composition is incredible; you can literally feel that power, this immense sonic backdrop clearing out the debris of negativity from your own energy centres.

Edgar Allan Poe once wrote “Yet if hope has flown away, in a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” Here Holland aided brilliantly by Pellerito performs a sublime after dream awakening composition called Dream Within a Dream, was it real or fantasy? Which is which? Does it matter? This a light and tender piece that sees us lying with our eyes slowly opening, and back in our own reality, feeling fulfilled and at peace.

The penultimate piece is called Ray of Hope, we can now really sense that this journey of self-awareness is about to be completed for the time being, both Holland and Pellerito deliver a short but poignant track, packed with a sensitive cleansing energy to seal the healing and allow us to musically look around the room and watch the sunlight filter in through the curtains, rays of hope and opportunities to perhaps make something of another day of your life.

Our last port of call is now here and called Fairy Dust. The vitality within this track is so light and of a much higher vibration, it is so very charming; the chimes here create a wonderful feeling of bliss and harmony.

Dreamwalker has to be one of the best sound healing, meditative releases I have ever heard, and combining the talents of Mark Holland and Pati Pellerito is a stroke of genius. Fans of the new age genre of music will lap this up, but there is much more here, this is also a release that has been really created from the heart to the heart and through the music true calm and oneness can indeed be found, now please excuse me dear reader, I need to go on this journey just one more time, after all, it was just a dream, wasn’t it?


Review from Journeyscapes Radio
“Dreamwalker” is the collaborative effort of Pati Pellerito and Mark Holland, who’ve created one of the most rewarding meditative albums I’ve heard in a while. Recorded in the moment while in the studio, just as they do during live performances, the album serves as a continuous sound healing journey which has been divided into nine tracks, spanning seventy-three minutes total. Pati showcases an array of exotic, mostly Far-Eastern musical instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, planet gongs, handmade accent gongs, wind gong, Kaizen drum, Shruthi, Kochi chime, bells and tingshas. Mark plays a variety of Native American style flutes, Bansuri flutes, Anasazi flute and Buffalo Horn flute.

“Mysterious Strands of Midnight” opens the album with singing bowls. Cavernous tones and extended spaces between notes give the music a grounding feel, as a solemn flute melody weaves through the capacious textures. Following next is one of my favorite pieces, “Rooted in Stars”, which seems to resonate all the way to Earth’s very core with its layered gongs, mesmeric flute and low-vibratory timbres. A ritualistic atmosphere permeates this piece, as if a portal to another dimension has been opened. Singing bowls and a melodious flute define “Becoming Blue Mist”, a lighter piece reminiscent of a misty morning garden brushed with pastels. By contrast, distant thunderous gongs lend an almost eerie depth and dimension to “Voices from Beyond”, as if emanating from afar behind a fog-covered mountain. The serenely shimmering, “Dream Within A Dream”, is another favorite, characterized by Kaizen drum and Native flute. It’s easy to imagine looking up at the sky as clouds pass over an American desert landscape. Closing out the album is the magical “Fairy Dust” with its crystalline chimes and sparkling bells, as if to softly awaken the listener out of a meditative trance.

Created with instruments that are intimately connected to nature’s elements, “Dreamwalker” is the perfect companion for communing in your own sacred space, outdoor recreation or simply resting on the bare earth. Touching on both Eastern mysticism and Native American spirituality, this album is enthusiastically recommended for Reiki, massage, and other healing and relaxation therapies.


Portals to Inner Space

A meditation to Inner Space, transporting you into present centered awareness. Entrain and slow your brainwave state with the harmonic vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls as ethereal melodies lead you on a journey.

Featuring Patti Pellerito on Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Bradford Smith on Flutes, Harmonic singing and Soprano saxophone. Together Patti and Bradford lead participants in meditative experiences encompassing breath, movement, and music.