Sound Journey ~ Sound Meditation ~ Sound Immersion ~ Sound Bath ~ Sound Healing ~

These terms are used interchangeably, suggesting that there are many components to this experience.

Beginning with the understanding that “you-your body” is your first and finest instrument. Vibration, frequency and sound is created within and received from outside of yourself.

In addition to individual and private groups sessions, there is a monthly group ‘Sound Meditation’ at Big Bend Yoga in Webster Groves, MO on the Third Saturday of every month.  The sound sessions vary each month depending on the season and what feels needed at the time. Drawing upon breath, movement and deep relaxation we shift our internal awareness to the present moment. We are able to clear stagnant energies held in the body and auric field, bringing balance and rejuvenation for overall wellbeing.

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Benefits of Sound Healing

Reducing Pain and Stress ~ Balance energy & emotions ~ Improve concentration ~ Alter consciousness/calming ~ Enhance sleep & dreams
Brings calm & clarity to those with dementia ~ Beneficial for animals too, Pati has worked on horses and dogs to relieve arthritis and bring comfort.

Individual Sessions

What to expect in a session:


We will discuss what is present in your life at this time; looking at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and what desire or intention you have for the session.  Wearing comfortable clothing, you will lie down on a heated massage table.  Pati will use 8-20 singing bowls, planet gongs and other instruments such as a hand-drum, bells and various chimes which all their place in the treatment by producing specific frequencies, tones or textures.

You will be guided into a relaxation process, through breath and body awareness. Gently sounding bowls encourage the mind to begin to release from thoughts and surrender to the sounds.  Wrapped in a cocoon of sound, the vibrations weave their way into the body, tension begins to dissolve and the brain waves begin to slow, allowing for deeper states of relaxation and meditation.  During this slow immersion of sound, vibration and resonance, bowls will be placed upon the body to move energy.  In doing so, the body untangles from stress and tension, finding more comfort in surrendering.  Gongs are used to help shift the electromagnetic field surrounding the body.  This helps to break up energetic patterns that could be weighing us down.  Having a healing effect on our neurological system.

Both sides of the body are opened and cleared.  With extra attention to specific areas with a high degree of tension.

When the session has ended, this is a time for silence and integration of sounds and vibrations. Quiet stillness is an important piece of the healing session to gather information that may have presented itself, such as visions, insights, colors and dream-like experiences.  You will then be guided back from the depths of your being, beginning with breath and slowly coming back through the layers into the body.

You will have time to journal about your experience, sip tea and discuss the session.

Enjoy a journey to “inner-space”

Group Sessions

The group session begins with an insight meditation, simply sitting with awareness of the present moment, feeling into the body, noticing what we are feeling and sensing. Then easing any tension or discomfort in the body by utilizing the breath and very gentle movement, as we prepare to lie back and allow the sounds and harmonies to wash through our body.

The multitudinous sounds and waves of soothing Tibetan Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs, many other percussive and acoustic instruments offer nutrition for the neurological system as well as medicine for the soul. Many describe this experience as transportive, as the sounds encourage a mindaltering shift in consciousness. One that supports a restful and rejuvenating experience. Much like a shamanic journey, people arise from this immersion of sound and vibration with visions of hope, insights, symbols and messages from deep within. A “dream-like” state of awareness. I like to consider this a conversation from “you to you”  the light of the “dream walker” leading you back to your true self.

Many feel relief from pain that may they carried in with them. I often hear feedback that the sounds seem to “go to” parts of the body that were feeling tense or discomfort before we began the session. And somehow “magically wash the pain away.”  Obviously, we are all affected in different ways, but we frequently hear stories like this. While this is not a “cure all” and there are no guarantees about how a sound session will appear for you, it never ceases to amaze me how powerful this sound work is.

At the end of the session we allow plenty of time to feel well grounded and offer the opportunity to share your experience within the group, if you feel called to do so. We welcome and encourage sharing something about your experience, because like waking from a night time dream, details can start to fade upon returning to our busier awake state. When we share at least some piece, it not only brings it into this reality, but often times helps each other integrate the experience more fully.

I look forward to sharing a Sound Journey with you!