“The gongs have been a great success at the Sanctuary. People have said they were profound, eerie and transporting. We use them for the Abaton, the place of the dreamers where the Sanctuary participants sleep in the same room and get introduced into their dreaming by your gongs.
Thanks again for your splendid addition to the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary.”

Robbie Bosnak
Founding Director of Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary
Jungian Pschoanalyst

Robert Bosnak -author of several books:  A Little Course in Dreams; Embodiment: Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel, Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming and others

Music, I believe is a vibration of pure joy and has limitless healing possibilities. 
I knew that always. 

Meeting Pati Pellerito and being enveloped in the divine beauty of her growth as a musician has been a sublime life experience. 

Her musical skills with a kaleidoscope of gongs, singing bowls,  chimes, bells and more are exemplary. 

These sounds she conjures, creates and nurtures from Nature's essential elements are powerful healing, balancing, transformational instruments with a life of their own - they speak, sing, caress, relax and stimulate. 
They reach their meditational, physical,  emotional peak in Pati's gifted hands, giving heart, curious mind and open spirit. 

Her potential is truly immense. 
I'm fortunate and grateful to be available, open and alive to receive it all. 

Paul M